Notice of Privacy Incident Provided to Individuals

South Alamo Medical Group, a medical group practice with multiple locations in the San Antonio area (SAMG), has provided notice letters to affected patients informing them of an incident involving personal information that occurred in connection with the departure of a physician from SAMG.  More specifically, SAMG has informed approximately 2,100 patients that on July 2, 2018, SAMG discovered that, in early June 2018, a physician improperly took a list of patients in connection with that physician’s departure from the practice. The personal information taken by the physician included patient names, addresses, telephone numbers, and account balances. A physician group may not withhold information necessary for a departing physician to provide notice of the departure to patients the physician has seen in the last two years. However, in this instance, the information was taken, and although the physician had seen many of the affected patients in the past, in many other cases, the patients on the list had never been seen by the departing physician.  Upon learning of the incident, SAMG immediately began an investigation. SAMG has obtained a court order in an effort to prevent the physician from continuing to use SAMG’s confidential information and requiring the physician to return the patient list to SAMG.

You may call Nicole Aguilar at 1-800-683-2874 or you may send an email to for further information.