Who is Latched and what is ONE TIP they have for new & expecting parents?

South Alamo Medical Group is very excited to partner up with Latched for our upcoming Babes & Tots Event on April 7th. Their belief as a nonprofit organization and the services that they do go hand in hand with what our pediatricians in our clinics believe.

So, who is Latched?

Ashley Green (RN, Co Founder of Latched): 

So who is latched?

Latched is a nonprofit organization here in San Antonio.

Our aim is to help families have a healthier pregnancy, healthier postpartum experience and a healthier parenting journey.

And as a nonprofit collaborating with other organizations in the community, it really is going to help meet our community where they are and make sure that those resources are readily available for them wherever they are in the city.

We're really excited to team together and just broaden our reach and be able to help the community in a different level.


What is one tip Latched would give for new & expecting parents?

Veronica Haywood (Co Executive Director of Latched): One of the biggest tips that I give to any new family, new pregnant mom, or new pregnant father is really just ask the question.

Don't be afraid to ask your doctor, your midwife, your pediatrician - Why?

Explain more to me.

And if you don't understand it's okay for them to slow down and have that space for you to have an understanding.

So you feel confident when you leave to go home to take care of your child or to take care of yourself.


Visit this link to learn more about Latched Support -> https://latchedsupport.com/about/