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Our mission is to provide exceptional health care services with
compassion and Promptness.

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South Alamo Medical Group consist of 25 primary care physicians and physician extenders that practice in 7 clinics throughout San Antonio, Texas.

The medical group strengths are providing personable health care, practicing primary prevention and achieving the best health outcomes for you and your family. A team of internal medicine, family practice, pediatricians, family nurse practitioners, physician assistants and health educators are committed to providing you and your family a favorable health care experience.

  • Yolanda Alonzo, DO

    Yolanda Alonzo, DO

    Family Practice

  • Jennifer Argumedo, MD

    Jennifer Argumedo, MD


  • Steven Argumedo, MD

    Steven Argumedo, MD

    Internal Medicine

  • Miguel Ayala, MD

    Miguel Ayala, MD

    Internal Medicine

  • Gabriel Benites, PA-C

    Gabriel Benites, PA-C

    Physician Assistant Certified

  • Jessica Buzenas, MD

    Jessica Buzenas, MD

    Internal Medicine

  • Dale Conover, FNP

    Dale Conover, FNP

    Internal Medicine

  • Cristina Cortez, MD

    Cristina Cortez, MD

    Family Practice

  • Cresencio Duran, DO

    Cresencio Duran, DO

    Family Practice

  • Vonda Finke, PA-C

    Vonda Finke, PA-C

    Pediatric Physician Assistant Certified

  • Nora Garza, MD

    Nora Garza, MD

    Family Practice

  • Maricela Hernandez DNP, APRN

    Maricela Hernandez DNP, APRN

    Nurse Practitioner / Internal Medicine

  • Abel Miranda, MPAS

    Abel Miranda, MPAS

    Family Practice/Physician Assistant Certified

  • Paul Quesada, MD

    Paul Quesada, MD


  • Delmer Robinson, PA

    Delmer Robinson, PA

    Internal Medicine

  • Radames Rodriguez, MD

    Radames Rodriguez, MD

    Internal Medicine

  • Robert Ross, MD

    Robert Ross, MD

    Family Practice/Geriatrics

  • Monica Salas, MD

    Monica Salas, MD

    Family Medicine

  • Michelle Sanchez, PA-C

    Michelle Sanchez, PA-C

    Physician Assistant Certified

  • Ninza Sanchez, MD

    Ninza Sanchez, MD

    Internal Medicine

  • Ram Sharma, MD

    Ram Sharma, MD


  • Sonia Villarreal, PA-C

    Sonia Villarreal, PA-C

    Physician Assistant Certified

  • Chris Wlodarczyk, MS, PA-C

    Chris Wlodarczyk, MS, PA-C


  • Heather Woodall CNM, FNP-BC

    Heather Woodall CNM, FNP-BC

    Family Nurse practitioner

National Health Service Corp.

NHSC Programs provide funding for primary care providers in exchange for service. Participation with NHSC offers scholarships and loan repayment programs for students and professionals pursuing degrees in primary care. South Alamo Medical Group is a member of the NHSC and offers a discount program to all who are unable to pay for their services and receive care at the following locations:

We promise to:

  • Serve all Patients

  • Offer discounted fees for patients who qualify

  • Not deny services based on a person's:

    • Race
    • Disability
    • Color
    • Religion
    • Sex
    • Sexual orientation
    • Origin of Nationality
    • Inability to pay
  • Accept insurance, including:

    • Medicaid
    • Medicare
    • Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
Southeast Clinic Southeast Clinic
Southside Clinic 301 / 504 Southside Clinic 301 / 504
Southside Pediatric Clinic Southside Pediatric Clinic

For more information, please visit the NHSC website